Specializing in Residential & Commercial Sales, Leasing, and Management
Specializing in Residential & Commercial Sales, Leasing, and Management

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How we manage your property

At FHR Property Management, w\e collect rents, handle resident issues, periodically inspect and personally supervise the property. As managers, we provide an “arms length” relationship between owners and residents.


By maintaining excellent relations with our residents and diligently caring for your property, we avoid most potential problems. Residents are informed of their responsibilities regarding your property and their contracts. We will quickly and professionally settle any problems that may arise, with our clients’ interest in mind.


If there is a problem, whether it is collecting rents or settling resident disputes, we will handle the situation appropriately. We are knowledgeable in regards to contractual relationships involved in leasing both commercial and residential property. If necessary, we are prepared to make a court appearance.


We utilize quality control procedures and proven business practices in the management of your property. In addition to the routine management, we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

How we market your property

Promotion efforts include media advertising, rental brochures, signs, flyers and a website advertising your specific property. Available properties are showcased online at over 40 real- estate websites including Southwest Florida’s Matrix MLS. 

How we choose your tenant

After a potential tenant is located we conduct an extensive screening process.

This process includes credit reports, reference checks, and personal interviews.

After acceptance, we complete negotiations, execute contracts and process documents

Meet the Realtor!

Bonnie Popescu®

Realtor/Property manager/Leasing Agent

(239) 603-7722



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Realtor/Property Manager

Bonnie Popescu 


Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Pristine

Phone: (239) 603-7722

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FHR Property Management

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Fax: (239) 437-8099



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